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France 1815-1830 : Intellectual Life

LOUIS XVIII., CHARLES X., the ULTRAROYALISTS and the policy of RESTAURATION were very unpopular in France. When JACQUES-LOUIS DAVID in 1814 pained Leonidas at Thermopylae, he interpreted Napoleon's abdication as a self-sacrifice for the benefit of his country. EUGENE DELACROIX painted scenes of the contemporary Greek fight for independence (Massacre at Chios, 1824; Greeks at the ruins of Missolonghi, 1826). In 1830, responding to that year's revolution, he painted LIBERTY LEADING THE PEOPLE.
Writer VICTOR HUGO gained fame for his drama CROMWELL (1827), indirectly criticizing the government of Charles X. as oppressive.
In the 1820es, JEAN FRANCOIS CHAMPOLLION axhieved his breakthrough in de decipherment of the HIEROGLYPHIC SCRIPT.

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