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France 1848-1852 : Domestic Policy

The government of LOUIS PHILIPPE, nicknamed the CITIZEN KING, lost much popularity in the later 1840es. Early in 1848 the King replaced unpopular prime minister FRANCOIS GUIZOT by the liberal Count Mole. This might have sufficed to appease the protesters and have the BARRICADES removed, if nervous troops would not have opened fire. Immediately radical agitators found a public willing to listen; barricades went up throughout Paris. Soon men of the National Guard joined the revolutionaries; on Feb. 24th a PROVISIONAL GOVERNMENT was proclaimed. The SECOND REPUBLIC was proclaimed.
Major reforms were implemented, such as the introduction of UNIVERSAL ADULT MANHOOD SUFFRAGE and the LIBERATION OF THE SLAVES, the latter credited to VICTOR SCHOELCHER. Political clubs were opened. The opinions of radicals, liberals, conservatives collided; as political parties were not yet organized, the situation was inpredicatable (millions of first-time voters, many of whom analphabets), kind of chaotic and changed frequently.
To deal with unemployment, the government introduced NATIONAL WORKSHOPS in the major cities; republican policy was financed by additional taxation on the wealthy. Radicals demanded the nationalization of key industries such as railways, canals, mines. The conservatives, which held the majority of the seats, were alarmed, intent on reducing the influence of the radicals and averting any risk of them ever taking power by democratic election. On Dec. 2nd, LOUIS-NAPOLEON BONAPARTE (Napoleon III.) staged a coup d'etat. The electoral law was reformed, a third of the voters dropped from the electoral rolls. In a plebiscite in November Napoleon III. had the republic transferred into a hereditary empire.

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