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France 1870-1890 : Foreign Policy

The FRANCO-GERMAN WAR was ended with the TREATY OF FRANKFURT of May 10th 1871. France had to cede ALSACE and northern LORRAINE to Germany and, in addition, pay REPARATIONS of 5 billion gold Francs. The conditions of the treaty were harsh, in contrast to those Bismarck had imposed on Austria in 1866. Bismarck hoped to use Franco-German enmity as a tool to consolidate German unity.
Bismarck was a master politician, isolating France diplomatically by a network of bilateral secret treaties (many of which contradicted each other). Italian president FRANCESCO CRISPI even suggested to Bismarck a preventive war against France - a war which did not materialize.

In the 1880es France resumed an expansionist colonial policy, in the FRANCO-CHINESE WAR of 1884-1885 it took TONKIN and ANNAM, and in 1893 established a protectorate over LAOS. In Africa, France established the post of BRAZZAVILLE on the Congo River in 1880. France was a major power at the BERLIN CONFERENCE of 1884/1885, also referred to as the Africa Conference. Here in Africa France appeared as rival of some of her European neighbours. When TUNISIA was declared a French protectorate in 1881, Italy felt offended, as Italians had eyed on the acquisition of that country. France was reluctant to recognize the CONGO FREE STATE which in effect was a Belgian creation.

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