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France 1870-1890 : Intellectual Life

EMILE ZOLA (1840-1902) published NANA, the life story of a Paris prostitute, in 1880, GERMINAL, the story of a family of coal miners in the Borinage in 1885. Focussing on social problems of the time, he is regarded the founder of the NATURALIST movement in literature. Contemporary writers included ANATOLE FRANCE (1844-1924), short story writer GUY DE MAUPASSANT (1850-1893). JULES VERNE (1828-1905, 20,000 Leagues under the Sea, In 80 Days around the World, From the Earth to the Moon (1864), Journey to the Center of the Earth) created the genre of science fiction.
Paris by now had established herself the world capital of the arts; painters EDGAR DEGAS, PAUL CEZANNE, sculptor AUGUSTE RODIN practised their trades. Foreign painters, such as Dutchman VINCENT VAN GOGH moved to France. IMPRESSIONISM experienced its zenith in van Gogh's works; the new style of EXPRESSIONISM came up (PAUL GAUGUIN).
GEORGES BIZET (1838-1875) composed Carmen (1875); German-born JACQUES OFFENBACH (1819-1880) created the Can Can.
For the 1889 Paris World Exhibition, architect GUSTAVE EIFFEL constructed the EIFFEL TOWER; for the centennial of the United States, he also made the STATUE OF LIBERTY, a French present to the United States.

French chemist Louis Pasteur established Bacteriology and found cures for both Anthrax (1881) and Rabies (1885).

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