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France 1890-1914 : Domestic Policy

In 1894 it was discovered that French secret military documents had been handed over to German military officials. The investigation concentrated on ALFRED DREYFUS, an officer in the French army of Jewish-Alsatian descent. Although innocent, he was convicted and sent to Devil's Island (Fr. Guyana). When his innocence, and the guilt of Count Esterhazy, an Hungarian serving in the French army, were discovered, French military leadership with the knowledge of high political officials, in order to avoid a scandal, refused to release Dreyfus, judges acquitted Esterhazy of the crime he committed. When novelist EMILE ZOLA published the letter J'ACCUSE, not the Dreyfus case was rolled up, but Zola found himself accused, as well as the target of an anti-Semitic mob. Yet over time the scandal became public knowledge; many politicians and officers had to resign. In 1899, Alfred Dreyfus was pardoned.
The case was a major turning point in French history. In it, anti-Semitism was discredited, and with it Gobineau's race theory. The French justice system was reformed, the INDEPENDENCE OF THE JUDICIARY established.

The SFIO (Unified Socialist Party) was founded in 1905, combining radical, socialist and communist groups.

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