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France 1929-1939 : Intellectual Life

With many European democracies turning into dictatorships in the early 1930es, Paris (France) again attracted many political refugees from all over the continent, among those who resided at least temporarily in France were WALTER BENJAMIN, ELIAS CANETTI, HEINRICH MANN. Many Frenchmen, as well as refugees resident in France, chose to support the republican side in Spain's civil war (1936-1939), among them writers ANDRE MALRAUX (1901-1976) and SIMONE WEIL (1909-1943). In France, Spanish artist PABLO PICASSO painted his most famous painting, GUERNICA (1938).
ANTOINE DE SAINT-EXUPERY (1900-1944) wrote novels on aviation, desert life and children's stories. JEAN-PAUL SARTRE (1905-1980) published his first novel, Nausea, in 1938. GEORGES SIMENON (born in Belgium, 1903-1989) was to write over 200 novels, among them the series of detective stories around inspector Maigret.
French singer legend EDITH PIAF (1915-1963) began her career in 1936. Another successful singer-actor was MAURICE CHEVALIER
JEAN COCTEAU (1889-1963), ABEL GANCE, JEAN RENOIR ('La Marseillaise', 1938, 'La Grande Illusion', 1937) directed movies which were to establish the fame of the French movie industry. JEAN GABIN was among the nation's outstanding actors.

In 1938 the SOCCER WORLD CUP was staged in France; in the final Italy defeated Hungary 4-2. French national championships in soccer were held since 1934.

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