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France 1949-1959 : Domestic Life

CHARLES DE GAULLE saw himself as a politician standing above the political parties; the Rally for the French People (RPF) he had founded in 1947 was not intended as a political party, and when it developed into one (and a rather successful one), de Gaulle withdrew.
France saw a succession of short-lived governments which had to deal with numerous problems - DECOLONIZATION in general and the colonial wars, most notably the one in ALGERIA, which polarized the French nation. Algeria had a strong minority population of white settlers, about 1 million strong, most of whom were conservative and adamant that France should hold on to what was her colony since 1830/1848. The army in Algeria was equally determined to hold on to it. Other problems included labour unrest, supported the communist party which, after having been France's strongest party just after the war, once having entered the opposition, organized strikes to place pressure on the government. French intellectuals (JEAN-PAUL SARTRE etc.) became increasingly critical of the French government because of the actions of the French army in Algeria (torture, summary executions).
When a new administration under PIERRE PFLIMLIN was formed in 1959, settlers and the army in Algeria organized massive demonstrations (fearing the new administration would grant independence to Algeria). France was in a chaos.
In this situation CHARLES DE GAULLE appealed to the French population suggesting a revision of the constitution and a new beginning. Prime minister Pflimlin stepped down, de Gaulle won the support of several political parties and a referendum over the new constitution, the latter approved by 79 % of French voters. The constitution strengthened the powers of the president at the expense of both the prime minister and parliament.

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