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Principality of Monaco, 1861-1911

In 1860, Piemont-Sardinia ceded Savoy and Nice to France. The Franco-Monegasque Treaty of 1861 regulated relations between France and the tiny principality; France assumed the responsibility of defending Monaco. Monaco ceded Menton and Roquebrun to France (c. 95 % of her territory); France recognized Monaco's independence.
In 1863 the Casino of Monte Carlo was opened. In 1867 the national anthem was adopted. In 1867, Monaco was connected by rail with Nice and Ventimiglia. In 1868 the Diocesis of Saint Nicholas et Benoit was established, in 1887 renamed Diocesis of Monaco. Prince Charles III. died in 1889; he was succeeded by his son Albert I.
Monaco used the French Monetary System, and thus was affected by the introduction of the Latin Monetary Union in 1865. In 1885, the first Monegasque postage stamps were issued (prior to 1860, Sardinian stamps, from 1860 to 1885 French stamps were used).

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