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Austria, 1815-1848 : Foreign Policy

Emperors Franz I. (-1835) and his successor Ferdinand I. (1835-1848) reliedoin their chancellor KLEMENS VON METTERNICH. Austria's chancellor Metternich was the leading figure at the VIENNA CONGRESS; Austria had succeeded in maintaining the bulk of its possessions, having lost its share in the 3rd Polish partition to Russia and the Austrian Netherlands (Belgium) to the Netherlands, but having gained Lombardy (Milan), Venice and Dalmatia.
Metternich supported the HOLY ALLIANCE. In 1819 at his suggestion the Carlsbad Congress passed the CARLSBAD DECREES which called for the establishment of a SECRET POLICE (spying on the citizens in search for suspicious elements, such as democrats or nationalists) and for a PRESS CENSORSHIP. Repeatedly, Metternich dispatched Austrian troops to suppress revolts in Piemont; Metternich (Austria) supported French troops being sent by the CONGRESS OF VERONA (1821) to quell unrest in Spain and restore the Ancien Regime there.

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