Domestic Policy

Austria, 1849-1866 : Domestic Policy

In the years after 1849, the administration in Vienna had to be extremely cautious. It faced not only a population largely resenting state and government (like in Prussia), but many regional populations which wanted to establish political units based on ethnicity.
In 1861 the REICHSRAT (Imperial Council) was introduced, a diet for the entire Habsburg monarchy which had rather limited authority. The Reichsrat was bicameral, consisting of a HERRENHAUS (House of Lords) and an ABGEORDNETENHAUS (House of Representatives). In the same year, Emperor Franz Joseph decreed the PROTESTANTENPATENT, guaranteeing protestants freedom of religion.

List of Emperors of Austria, 1800-1815
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1848-1916 Franz Joseph I.

Austria, Prime Ministers, 1849-1862
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Felix Prince Schwarzenberg
Karl Ferdinand Count Buol-Schauenstein
Johann Bernhard Count Rechberg
Archduke Rainer of Austria (titular)
Anton von Schmerling (acting)
Alexander Count Mensdorff-Pouilly
Richard Count Belcredi

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