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the Economy

Austria, 1849-1866 : the Economy

From 1848 to 1854, the railway line connecting Vienna with the port of Triest on the Adriatic Sea was constructed, over difficult terrain, greatly facilitating the development of trade and of the port city of Triest, which became Austria's main outlet for exports. The expansion of Austria's railway network, especially in the alpine region, was limited by the mountainous terrain.
In 1857, Austria and the Zollverein states formed the AUSTRIAN-GERMAN MONETARY UNION. Austria introduced a reformed currency, set on a decimal footing : 1 Florin = 100 Kreuzer. Austria continued to keep up its ex- and import tariffs, and stayed out of the Zollverein, thus leaving it to Prussian leadership.

History of the construction of the Semmering Railway, from WHSemmeringbahn
DOCUMENTS Coins of Austria 1849-1851; Coins of Austria 1852-1892, from Austrian Coins 1657-1918
Agreement Concerning Admission of Tobacco Between the United States and Austria-Hungary; December 24, 1863, from Avalon Project at Yale Law School
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