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Austria, 1893-1914 : the Economy

Both the end of the Era Taaffe and the CURRENCY REFORM of 1892 (from Florin to Kronen) marked turning points in Austrian history.

Chronology Austria under Franz Joseph, from Coins of Austria 1657-1918
Deutsche Zollgeschichte : Österreich, from Deutsche Zollgeschichte, postcards with German comment
DOCUMENTS Coins of Austria 1892-1918, from Austrian Coins 1657-1918
REFERENCE National Awakening in the Habsburg Lands (pp.778-785); Mass Politics and Nationalism : Austria-Hungary, 1867-1914 (pp.950-953) in : John Merriman, A History of Modern Europe, NY : W.W. Norton 1996
The Years of Confusion : From Taaffe to Badeni, 1893-1897 (pp.169-184); Hungary after 1867 : Koloman Tisza and the Magyar Gentry (pp.185-195); Democratic Pretence : The Indian Summer of the Habsburg Monarchy, 1897-1908, (pp.196-213); Solution by Violence, 1908-1914 (pp.214-232), from : A.J.P. Taylor, The Habsburg Monarchy, 1809-1918, Chicago : UP (1948) 1976

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