Early Bohemia
Late Przemyslids

The Christian Duchy of Bohemia, 1000-1198

Bohemia had become a vassal of the Roman Kings respectively Emperors. In 1085 prince VRATISLAV II. and in 1158 VLADISLAV II. were granted the title KING OF BOHEMIA, by the respective Emperors. From PRZEMYSL OTTOKAR I. onward (since 1198) this would be a hereditary title.
Within the Holy Roman Empire, Bohemia was the largest territory and the only one the ruler of which had wore a royal crown. The kings of Bohemia were among the ELECTORS who were to cast their vote when a new Roman King was to be elected. Bohemia also enjoyed a high degree of political autonomy, as it formed a church province of it's own - the ARCHDIOCESIS OF PRAGUE, which extended also over MORAVIA.

PRAGUE established itself as the political center, the PRZEMYSLID DYNASTY as the royal family. Yet, in the early 11th century dukes frequently were deposed, showing that their rule was not absolute.

Czechoslovakia, from : Library of Congress, Country Studies

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