The Duchy of Braunschweig, 1815-1871

Note : BRAUNSCHWEIG is the German spelling. In English language sources the place is often spelled BRUNSWICK which is derived of the city/duchy's name in the regional dialect, Brunswiek.

Her duke having actively fought the French even before the Russian campaign, the duchy was restored at the VIENNA CONGRESS. A constitution was adopted in 1832. The duchy joined the Zollverein in 1842. In 1843-1844 the railway line Berlin-Braunschweig-Hannover was built.
In 1829, Goethe's DR. FAUSTUS had world premiere in Braunschweig.
In 1866, Braunschweig entered an alliance with Priussia; in 1867 it joined the newly established NORTHERN GERMAN FEDERATION.
On January 2nd 1871, the Duke of Braunschweig was among those, who, in Versailles' Hall of Mirrors, elected King Wilhelm of Prussia German Emperor. The empire was a federation of princes; within the empire Braunschweig maintained the status of a federal state (a tiny one, compared with Prussia).

Dukes of Braunschweig
Friedrich Wilhelm (1813-1815)
Karl III. (1815-1830)
Wilhelm (1831-1884)

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