Gorizia and Gradisca as described in Historic Encyclopedias

Pierer 1857-1865, Meyer 1902-1909

Pierer's Universal-Lexikon 1857-1865, Article : Görz und Gradiska
Gorizia and Gradisca, County elevated to a Principality, and district in the Austrian Littoral, borders on Carniola, Carinthia, Venice, the Adriatic Sea, the territory of Trieste and the district of Mitterburg (Pisino), 53.65 square km, 192.500 nhabitants, mostly Slavs, further Germans, Italians, Friulians, he land for the larger part mounainous, traversed by branches of the southern Alps, only in the south there are fertile plains. Rivers Isonzo, coastal rivers. In the northern part main occupation is livestock keeping (especially cattle, sheep), in the others agriculture, which produces wine, maize, buckwheat, barley, rye, oats, millet, spelt, beans, potatos and especially silk. The duistrict is divided in 4 subdistricts (Bezirkshauptmannschaften), Görz (Gorizia), Gradisca, Sessana, Tolmein.
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Meyers Grosses Conversations-Lexikon 1902-1909, Article : GÖrz und Gradisca
Gorizia and Gradisca, County elevated to the status of a principality, Austrian crownland, forms with the city of Trieste and the Margraviate of Istria the Austrian-Illyrian Littoral. The region used to belong to Illyricum, later to the Duchy of Friuli, and shared the fate of these lands, unil it was created a separate county in the 11th century which was hereditary in the family of the Eppensteiners, since the 12th century in the family of the Counts of Lumgau. In 1500, after the line of the Counts of Gorizia went extinct, the land fell to Austria, with which it remained united with the brief exception of French occupation 1809-1814. Of the 232,897 inhabitants (1900), 140,582 were Slovenes, 81,136 Italians and Friulians, 3498 Germans.
See : Czoernig, Das Land Görz und Gradisca, Wien 1873-1874, 2 vols.

source in German, posted by Zeno


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