The Duchies of Braunschweig-Calenberg (1635-1692) and Braunschweig-Lüneburg (1635-1705)
The Electorate of Hannover 1692-1714

The WELFEN DYNASTY, in the house treaty of 1635, established a federation of the various lines of the Welfen Dynasty, except for the Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel line. Since 1641 there were two lines left, the Dukes of Calenberg (seat Hannover) and of Lüneburg (seat Celle). Whenever the Duke of Lüneburg died, the Duke of Calenberg gave up that territory to the next claimant in line and assumed the position of Duke in Lüneburg. The residency of the Dukes of Calenberg was HERRENHAUSEN PALACE outside Hannover, built in 1638.
After the disastrous 30 years' war, the dukes strengthen the army, common to B.-Calenberg and B.-Lüneburg (30,000 men) and centralize the administration. They introduced absolutism. Primogeniture was introduced in 1683, putting an end to the practice of dividing the country among inheriting brothers. In 1691 a conspiracy within the Ducal family against the primogeniture statute failed. In 1692, after a combination of bribery and the threat to leave the Grand Alliance (War of the Grand Alliance, 1689-1697) the Duchy of B.-Calenberg was elevated to Electorate of Hannover; an elevation which did not receive international recognition until 1708.
In 1689 the line of the Dukes of Sachsen-Lauenburg extinguished, and Lüneburg acquired the Duchy of Lauenburg, contested by Denmark (Lauenburg Succession Conflict, 1689-1693).
Duke Johann Friedrich of B.-Calenberg (1665-1679) converted to Catholicism, but respected the Lutheran belief of his people. He called Gotthold Wilhelm Leibniz to Hannover.
In 1705 the Duchies of Calenberg and Lüneburg were united, forming the Electorate of Hannover.

Dukes of Calenberg
Dukes of Lüneburg
Christian Ludwig (1641-1648)
Georg Wilhelm (1648-1665)
Johann Friedrich (1665-1679)
Ernst August (1679-1698)
Fruiedrich (1641-1648)
Christian Ludwig (1648-1655)
Johann Friedrich (1665)
Georg Wilhelm (1665-1705)

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