Hessen 1500-1568 1648-1736

Hessen-Darmstadt, 1568-1648

When the Landgraviate of Hessen was partitioned among the sons of Landgrave Philipp in 1568, son Georg inherited roughly a quarter of his father's territory. Georg took up residence in Darmstadt; hence his line is referred to as the Landgraves (Counts) of Hessen Darmstadt.
In 1583, Landgrave Philipp of Hessen-Rheinfels died childless, and Hessen-Darmstadt gained territory out of the partitioning of Hessen-Rheinfels; when Landgrave Ludwig of Hessen-Marburg died in 1604, the lines Hessen-Darmstadt and Hessen-Kassel conflicted over the inheritance. When, temporarily, Hessen Kassel prevailed in their claim over the city of Marburg and her university, in 1607 the high school in Giessen (on H-D territory) was promoted to the rank of university. However, the Emperor supported Hessen-Darmstadt's claim on Marburg, and this city was added to the H-D possessions as well. In the 30 Years War, Hessen Darmstadt sided with the Emperor in an attempt to further gain territory at the expense of Hessen-Kassel; this policy failed miserably.
A Geheimer Rat (Secret Council) was established in 1617.

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