1648-1736 1815-1871

Hessen-Darmstadt, 1736-1815

In 1736 Hessen-Darmstadt acquired the county of LICHTENBERG. Hessen-Darmstadt, heavily indebted, only narrowly avoided state bankruptcy in 1772 and 1779. In 1777 an AGRICULTURAL COMMISSION and a FACULTY FOR ECONOMICS at the University of Giessen were established by minister Friedrich Karl von Moser. Von Moser, minister since 1772, avoided state bankrupcy, in 1775 he separated administration and jurisdiction, took measures to promote agriculture. In contrast to Hessen-Kassel, Hessen-Darmstadt did not make use of subsidy treaties (i.e. leasing her regiments to fight foreign wars).
The court at Darmstadt (Countess Henriette Karoline) attracted composer GLUCK and writers WIELAND, HERDER, GOETHE, KLOPSTOCK (Kreis der Empfindsamen (Circle of the Sensitives)).
The territory was Lutheran; in 1786 Catholics were permitted to hold religious services according to their rite. A SYNAGOGUE had been erected in Darmstadt in 1737. In 1790 Hessen-Darmstadt had c. 240,000 inhabitants.
In 1801/1803/1806 Hessen-Darmstadt lost a few territories, but gained considerably, most notably the DUCHY OF WESTPHALIA, hitherto belonging to the Archbishop of Cologne. In 1806 the Count was promoted GRAND DUKE. Hessen-Darmstadt joined the RHEINBUND and provided her army to Napoleon's various campaigns. They suffered significant losses, most of all in the Russian campaign.

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