Hessen-Darmstadt, 1815-1871

The VIENNA CONGRESS of 1815 confirmed the Grand Duchy of Hessen-Darmstadt, which had to cede the Duchy of Westphalia (formerly of Cologne) to Prussia. In return it gained the province of RHEINHESSEN, with the city of Mainz (1816). In 1820 a CONSTITUTION was adopted. Hessen-Darmstadt and Prussia formed the PRUSSIAN-HESSIAN ZOLLVEREIN in 1828, which in 1834 would be renamed into the DEUTSCHER ZOLLVEREIN. In 1838 the vocational school (Hoehere Gewerbeschule) was established, which in 1868 was elevated to the DARMSTADT POLYTECHNIC. In 1846 Darmstadt was connected to the growing railway network.
In 1835 writer and social critic GEORG BUECHNER ("Peace to the hovels! Death to the palaces!") avoided arrest by fleeing to Strassburg (Alsace). In 1848 Duke Ludwig III. proclaimed freedom of the press and of assembly. In 1866, Hessen-Darmstadt sided with Austria and was lucky not to be annexed into Prussia, a fate which befell her neighbours Nassau and Hessen-Kassel. In 1871, the Grand Duke of Hessen-Darmstadt was among the German princes who elected Wilhelm I.of Prussia German Kaiser. Hessen-Darmstadt retained much political autonomy as one of the KAISERREICH's federal states.
In 1827 a new bishopric of Mainz was founded; bishop KETTELER (1850-1877) devoted much attention to the situation of the working class.

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