The Princebishopric of Hildesheim, 1643-1723

The territory of the Princebishopric of Hildesheim, to the larger part occupied by the Dukes of Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel since the GROSSE STIFTSFEHDE (Great Diocesan Feud) of 1519-1523, was reunited in 1643. By then, however, in the area long administrated from Wolfenbüttel the LUTHERAN FAITH had been introduced, while the core territory around the city of Hildesheim had remained Catholic.
According to the Treaty of Westphalia, the confession communities had in 1624 had to be respected; i.e. the larger part of the Princebishopric of Hildesheim remained protestant.
For the coming centuries, most bishops were chosen from the family of the Dukes of Bavaria; often, a bishop held more than one bishoprics, and in that case he would prefer to reside in a wealthier bishopric.

Princebishops of Hildesheim
Ferdinand of Bavaria (1612-1650)
Maximilian Heinrich of Bavaria (1650-1688)
Jost Edmund von Brabeck (1688-1702)
Joseph Clemens of Bavaria (1702-1723)

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