Hildesheim 1643-1723 Hannover 1815-1866

The Princebishopric of Hildesheim, 1723-1815

Most bishops were chosen from the family of the Dukes of Bavaria; often, a bishop held more than one bishoprics, and in that case he would prefer to reside in a wealthier bishopric.
In 1770 the city of Hildesheim built a theater.
In 1803 Hildesheim was annexed by Prussia, in 1807 by the KINGDOM OF WESTPHALIA, in 1813 by Hannover, which in 1815 was elevated KINGDOM OF HANNOVER.

Princebishops of Hildesheim
Clemens August of Bavaria (1723-1761)
Friedrich Wilhelm von Westfalen (1763-1789)
Franz Egon von Fuerstenberg (1789-1802)

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