Hessen-Kassel, 1815-1866

As a result of Landgraf Friedrich II. leasing his soldiers to Britain in the War of American Independence, and the administration of the earnings by the Rothschild family, Hessen Kassel under Elector Wilhelm I. (1813-1821) was a rich monarchy. Wilhelm I. was also extraordinarily reactionary.
His son Wilhelm II. in 1831 adopted a CONSTITUTION, replaced in 1848 by a more liberal constitution during the German Revolution of 1848. Elector FRIEDRICH WILHELM I. (1847-1866) later cancelled the constitution altogether and suppressed political freedom.
In 1866, in the Austro-Prussian or Seven Weeks War, Hessen-Kassel sided with Austria. The country was occupied by Prussian troops and annexed into Prussia, becoming part of the Prussian Province Hessen-Nassau.

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