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Jülich-Berg, 1742-1815

In 1742 the line of the Counts/Dukes of Pfalz-Neuburg (Palatine) ended; the territories of Palatine, Jülich and Berg fell to Duke KARL THEODOR OF PFALZ-SULZBACH of the Wittelsbach Dynasty. In 1777 he inherited the Duchy of Bavaria and moved his residence to Munich. Between 1756 and 1762, 1772 and 1778, French troops were quartered in the city (fortress) of Jülich - in agreement with the Duke who pursued a pro-French foreign policy. Karl Theodor had SCHLOSS BENRATH built by architect Nicolas de Pigage (1723-1798).
In 1766 begin of planned road construction in the Duchy of Berg. In 1773 the JESUIT ORDER was expelled. In 1774 the ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS in Düsseldorf was established.
In 1794 Jülich was occupied by French troops and became part of the CISRHENANIAN REPUBLIC (1797), later the same year annexed into France; Bavaria was compensated by Ansbach and Bayreuth. In Düsseldorf, Napoleon Bonaparte installed his general (see GRAND DUCHY OF BERG). In 1813/1815 the area fell to Prussia.

During the second half of the 18th century, in the rugged east of the Duchy of Berg WATERMILLS provide the power supply for an emerging early industry (forgery, tools). The textile industry of ELBERFELD and BARMEN also flourished.

Dukes of Jülich & Berg
Karl Philipp (1742-1799)
Maximilian Joseph of Pfalz-Zweibrücken (1799-1803, only Berg)
Wilhelm of Pfalz-Birkenfeld (1804-1806, only Berg)

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