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Lippe, 1747-1815

Count SIMON AUGUST (1747-1782) pursued a policy of reform. BAD MEINBERG was declared a spa. He balanced the budget, spending only what was covered by state revenue. In 1774/1786 Catholics were permitted to practise their religion privately/in public. The SAVINGS BANK in Detmold and the TERRITORIAL FIRE INSURANCE were established during his reign.
In 1764 the city walls of LIPPSTADT - jointly ruled by the King of Prussia (as Count of Mark) and the Count of Lippe, were razed. In 1778, 399 HOLLANDGAENGER were counted - men who would spend the summer months working in the Netherlands to earn money.
The publisher MEYER, in Lemgo (the principality's second largest town) contributed to the spread of the ideas of enlightenment.
Simon August's son LEOPOLD I. (1782-1802) in 1789 succeeded on having the County elevated to a PRINCIPALITY. He died young, his son being a minor; Princess PAULINE (1802-1820) ruled as regent. The Principality of Lippe was not affected by the various territorial reforms of 1802-1815, much to the credit of Princess Pauline, who also continued the reform policy of her father-in-law. A STATE WELFARE INSTITUTION was established, and Germany's first KINDERGARTEN. The streets (CHAUSSEES) were improved. Lippe suffered from a great famine in 1802-1804. The principality was a member of the RHEINBUND between 1806 and 1813. In 1810, Lippe had a population of 70,540. Her military force amounted to 500 men.

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