Lippe, 1815-1871

At the VIENNA CONGRESS the Principality of Lippe was confirmed in her present borders. In 1819, nobility and assembly rejected a proposed contitution, in 1836 a constitution was adopted, which foresaw DREIKLASSENWAHLRECHT (voting according to one's status (tax payments)). Lippe joined the ZOLLVEREIN in 1842.
In 1848 in Lippe, FREEDOM OF THE PRESS was introduced, the constitution of 1836 altered, the Dreiklassenwahlrecht abolished. Many of the reforms were cancelled in 1851. In 1850 Lippstadt, hitherto a Prussian-Lippian condominium, was ceded to Prussia. In 1854 Lutheranism and Catholicism were given equal status with Calvinism, hitherto state religion. In 1820 the STATE THEATER was established in Detmold.
In 1866, Lippe sided with Prussia in the war against Austria; in 1867, Lippe joined the NORTHERN GERMAN CONFEDERATION. In 1871, the Prince of Lippe was among those who, in the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles, elected King Wilhelm of Prussia Kaiser Wilhelm I. of Germany. Within the Kaiserreich, Lippe continued to enjoy political autonomy.
Lippe was a remote region. The first railroad connected her with the outside world in 1881. With the industrialization going on elsewhere, the primary impact on the Principality of Lippe was that other regions attracted migrant labour from Lippe, c. 10,000 in 1881, mainly brickmakers.

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