Minden-Ravensberg, 1740-1815

During the SEVEN YEARS WAR, Minden-Ravensberg briefly was occupied by the French (1757). In 1802/1803 Prussia's Westphalian possessions were enlarged by the annexation of Paderborn and much of the Princebishopric of Münster. In 1807 Prussia, in the PEACE OF TILSIT, had to cede all lands west of the Elbe River. Minden-Ravensberg were incorporated into the KINGDOM OF WESTPHALIA (1807). In 1810 Westphalia ceded Minden and small parts of Ravensberg to France, but held on to the remainder. In 1813, the region reverted to Prussian rule.

By the second half of the 18th century, Minden-Ravensberg had lost much of her territorial autonomy, as expressed in the fact that no more coins were minted here.

Counts of Ravensberg
Friedrich (1740-1786)
Friedrich Wilhelm (1786-1797)
Friedrich Wilhelm (1797-1840)

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