County of Nassau, 1648-1744

The territory of the Counts of Nassau, who, after having been expelled in 1635 (they had sided with the Swedes in the 30 YEARS WAR), resumed their rule in 1648 after the TREATY OF WESTPHALIA, was split in several lines, NASSAU-SIEGEN, NASSAU-WEILBURG, NASSAU-DILLENBURG, NASSAU-HADAMAR., NASSAU-IDSTEIN, NASSAU-USINGEN, with lines ending and territories being joined again and new splits occurring.
In 1688 the Counts on Nassau-Idstein/-Usingen/-Weilburg were elevated to princes. In the 18th century two lines survived, NASSAU-WEILBURG, NASSAU-SAARBRUECKEN-USINGEN and NASSAU-DILLENBURG (which in 1734 had inherited Nassau-Siegen territory). The line Nassau-Saarbruecken-Usingen reformed her administration in 1728 by establishing WIESBADEN as the seat of government (1744) and BIEBRICH as the seat of administration
Religious suppression in the territory of Nassau-Siegen in 1706 caused a rebellion. In 1742 Dillenburg was made seat of the central administration of the Nassau-Dillenburg line. Prince Wilhelm, sind 1747, was stadholder of the Dutch Republic, Nassau-Dillenburg thus reduced to a sideland, administrated from s'Gravenhage. In 1736 the various lines of the House of Nassau signed a treaty in which they stipulated that in the event a line became extinct, the others would succeed it.

Counts of Nassau-Dillenburg
Wilhelm II. (1647-1650)
Wilhelm III. (1650-1674)
Heinrich Kasimir (1674-1696)
Johann Wilhelm Friso (1686-1711)
Wilhelm IV. (1711-1751)

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