Oldenburg Danish, 1667-1773

In 1667 Count Anton Guenther died, and the county was united in DYNASTIC UNION with Denmark. The Danes, in order to fortify their possession, built the fortress of CHRISTIANSBORG on the Jade Bay (1682-1696), a project which was given up when the port silted up. In 1748 Denmark celebrated the 300th anniversary of their dynasty, the House of Oldenburg. Yet Oldenburg was a costly possession to Denmark.
In 1762 negotiations were begun, which lead in 1773 to the sale of Oldenburg with Delmenhorst to the younger line of the House of Holstein-Gottorp.

Counts of Oldenburg
Frederik (III.) (1667-1670)
Christian (V.) (1670-1699)
Frederik (IV.) (1699-1730)
Christian (VI.) (1730-1746)
Frederik (V.) (1746-1766)
Christian (VII.) (1766-1773)

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