Danish Period

The Duchy of Oldenburg, 1773-1815

The County of Oldenburg belonged to Denmark between 1667 and 1773. In 1773, Denmark sold Oldenburg with Delmenhorst to the younger line of the Dukes of Holstein-Gottorp. Oldenburg (with Delmenhorst) was elevated into the DUCHY OF OLDENBURG (1777). The dukes ruled absolute.
In 1786, the world's first SAVINGS BANK was established in the city of Oldenburg. In 1789 the city walls were torn down. In 1792 the OLDENBURG STATE LIBRARY was founded by Duke Peter Friedrich Ludwig. In 1803 Oldenburg agreed to the abolition of the WESER TOLL at Elsfleth. The Duchy was compensated by territorial acquisitions : the districts of VECHTA and CLOPPENBURG (Catholic, hitherto Princebishopric of Muenster), WILDESHAUSEN (since 1719 to Hannover). In 1806 the small territory of VAREL AND KNYPHAUSEN was annexed. Oldenburg joined the RHEINBUND. In 1809, troops of the BLACK DUKE of BRAUNSCHWEIG, hostile to France, embarked at Elsfleth/Oldenburg for England. In 1810 the land is annexed by France; the duke went into exile to Russia. The Duchy, in 1810, had a population of 159,550. In 1813/15 the Duchy was restored.

Dukes of Oldenburg
Friedrich August (1773-1785)
Wilhelm (1785-1823)
Peter Friedrich Ludwig (1785-1829)

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