The Duchy of Oldenburg, 1815-1871

In 1815 the Duchy of Oldenburg, with her territorial gains of 1803, was restored; it gained the PRINCIPALITY OF BIRKENFELD far distant in the Saar region. It kept the PRINCIPALITY OF LÜBECK (around Eutin, eastern Holstein) gained in 1767-1773. In 1818 Oldenburg gained the JEVERLAND (1793-1806 Russian, 1806-1810 to Holland, 1810-1813 French, 1813-1818 Russian) from Russia.
In 1823, the Duchy of Oldenburg had a population of 218,000.
Prussia, desiring to establish a port on the North Sea coast, in 1853 putchased territory on the Jade Bay from Oldenburg, where construction of a port city was begun. In 1869 King Wilhelm of Prussia inaugurated the port, christening it WILHELMSHAVEN after himself.
In 1854 Oldenburg joined the ZOLLVEREIN; in 1866 it entered into an alliance with Prussia; Oldenburg troops fought alongside the Prussians in the war of 1866 against Austria. In 1867 Oldenburg joined the NORTHERN GERMAN CONFEDERATION. In 1871 the Duke of Oldenburg was among those who elected King Wilhelm of Prussia Kaiser Wilhelm I. in the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles. Within the Empire, Oldenburg remained an autonomous state, with her exclaves of Eutin and Birkenfeld.

Dukes of Oldenburg
Wilhelm (1813-1823)
Peter Friedrich Ludwig (1823-1829)
Paul Friedrich August (1829-1853)
Nikolaus Friedrich Peter (1853-1900)

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