The Princebishopric of Paderborn, 1719-1815

In 1719 CLEMENS AUGUST VON BAYERN was elected Princebishop of Paderborn. also Princebishop of Osnabrück (since 1728), Münster (since 1718), Hildesheim (since 1723) and archbishop of Cologne (since 1723). The bishop was to reside either in the Rhineland or in the Münsterland, the most important territories in his collection of bishoprics. Clemens August introduces a SECRET COUNCIL, a CHAMBER and a COURT COUNCIL (1723) - the beginnings of a modern administration.
In the SEVEN YEARS WAR bishop Clemens August was allied with France. In the latter part of the war, the bishopric was occupied by Prussian forces; Prussia and England (Hannover) planned the secularization of the bishopric. While this plan did not materialize, the election of a new bishop was delayed until 1763. The 'dynastic' union with Münster and Cologne, on this occasion, was dissolved. Paderborn's last two bishops simultaneously were bishops of HILDESHEIM. A SEMINARY FOR PRIESTS was established in 1777.
In 1803 Paderborn was annexed by PRUSSIA, in 1807 it was incorporated into the new KINGDOM OF WESTPHALIA; in 1813 it was returned to Prussia and formed part of the new Prussian province of WESTFALEN.

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