Reformation, 16th c. 1790-1815

Slovenia 1618-1790

The COUNTERREFORMATION successfully suppressed the Lutheran Reformation in the stretches of Slovenia which belonged to the Holy Roman Empire; reformed communities only survived in Prekmurje, the far eastern section of Slovenia, which until 1918 formed part of the Kingdom of Hungary.
Over the years, the Habsburg administration centralized, the territorial institutions of Carniola, Carinthia, Styria, Gorizia lost authority to the central administration in Vienna. With the defeat of the Ottoman siege of Vienna in 1683, the Turkish threat was banned.
Under Empress MARIA THERESIA reforms began which aimed, in the economic philosophy of MERCANTILISM, at the improvement of the state revenues and provided much incentive for economic development. The port of TRIESTE was enlarged, destined to become the major port of the Austro-Hungarian territories; the roads were improved, as was elementary educated The reforms of Emperor JOSEPH II. affected Slovenia, as monasteries here were dissolved, too, and Latin was replaced by GERMAN as the official language of administration, education and jurisdiction. The Patriarchate of Aquileja was abolished, an Archdiocesis established at GORIZIA (1791). The reforms, imposed in a high-handed manner, caused resentment among the clergy, which stands at the beginning of Slovenian national awakening.

A Brief History of Slovenia, by Stane Granda
A Brief History of the Slovene Nation, from Catholic Church of Slovenia
Die Geschichte des Klarissenklosters in Mekinje, from (History of the Monastery St. Clare in Mekinje), in German
History of Ljubljana, from Ljubljana
DOCUMENTS Slovenian History, from Carantha, under 'Archives Pt.1-4' has long lists of German language regests on the history of Slovenia c.1250-1600

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