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Slovenia 1790-1815

In 1809 Austria ceded her Slovenian and Croatian territories on the southern bank of the Sava River, as well as Carinthia, to France. Together with DALMATIA (French since 1805), these areas were joined to form the ILLYRIAN PROVINCES, French territory, with the capital at LJUBLJANA (Laibach).
Under French administration, a number of reforms were introduced, among them the Code Civile. To German, as the language of administration, jurisdiction and education, were added both French and Slavonian (the expression "Slovenian language" first was used in 1816). A French decree permitted the settlement of Jews and granted them full emancipation. While many of these reforms were welcomed, the excessive taxation collected by the French authorities caused stiff resistance.
In 1813, Austrian rule returned and the Illyrian provinces were dissolved; the Vienna Congress recognized Habsburg (Austrian) rule over her former territories.

A Brief History of Slovenia, by Stane Granda
A Brief History of the Slovene Nation, from Catholic Church of Slovenia
History of Ljubljana, from Ljubljana
DOCUMENTS Slovenian History, from Carantha, under 'Archives Pt.1-4' has long lists of German language regests on the history of Slovenia c.1250-1600

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