Slovenia since 1991

First multiparty elections had been held in 1990; Slovenes, in a referendum, opted for independence. Independence was declared in 1991, simultaneously with a similar declaration of Croatia. The War of Yugoslav Disintegration broke out on the Slovenian-Austrian border (Ten Days War); after a few days the Yugoslav army withdrew.
In 1992 Slovenia's independence was recognized by the EU nations and the U.S.; Slovenia joined the UN in 1992; in 1996 Slovenia received status of a nation associated to the EU; in 2004 Slovenia joined both NATO and EU.

Within Yugoslavia, Slovenia had the most vigorous economy, producing 1/3 of the nations' exports. Upon independence, Slovenia, after a few days of fighting, the country enjoyed tranquility. Drastic economic reforms resulted in a liberalization of the economy; the new currency, the Tolar, proved stable. Slovenia joined the European Exchange Rate System in 2004 and will introduce the Euro in 2007.
The census of 2002 counted 1,948,300 Slovenians.

The Slovenian National Olympic Committee was formed in 1991 and received recognition by the I.O.C. in 1993

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