The Princebishopric of Speyer, 1652-1743

The diocesis of Speyer was one of the smaller ecclesiastic states in Germany, with territory extending to both banks of the Rhine. The city of Speyer did not belong to her territory; she was a free imperial city. In the time of the reformation the princebishopric had briefly been a secundogeniture of the PALATINE.
Princebishop Christoph von Hutzen continued with the construction of the bishopric's residence at BRUCHSAL, begun by his predecessor. Princebishop Damian August Philipp ruled in the style of an enlightened ruler, implementing a number of reforms.

In 1792/1793 and again in 1794/1795 the territory on the left bank of the Rhine was occupied by French troops. In 1797 this occupied territory became part of the CISRHENIAN REPUBLIC. The princebishop resided in BRUCHSAL until 1802/1803, when the territory on the right bank, in the REICHSDEPUTATIONSHAUPTSCHLUSS, was allocated to BADEN.

Princebishops of Speyer
Franz Christoph von Hutzen zu Stolzenberg (1743-1770)
Damian August Philipp of Limburg-Vehlen-Styrum (1770-1797)
Philip Franz von Walderdorf (1797-1802)

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