Princebishopric Trier, 1652-1729

The Archbishop of Trier was one to the Empire's 7 electors; as one of the 4 Catholic electors he was essential for the Habsburg Dynasty in securing the imperial crown.
In 1674/1675 the city of Trier was occupied by the French, again in 1684-1697 the fortress walls were razed. In 1700, in consequence of many wars, the civilian polulation of the city had dropped to 2,677. In 1714 it was again occupied.
In 1683, Princebishop J.H. von Orsbeck introduced MANDATORY SCHOOLING. Because of the many wars and the deplorable condition of the city of Trier, he moved his residence into the fortress of EHRENBREITSTEIN, which, for this purpose, saw some reconstruction. He also reformed jurisdiction and health care.
The archbishops pursued a careful diplomacy toward France - whose armies were responsible for much of the destruction during the many wars. Yet the dioceses of Toul, Metz and Verdun, French territory since 1552, were part of the archdiocesis; any anti-French policy would jeopardized the connections between Trier and these dioceses.
Franz Ludwig (1715-1729) revitalized TRIER UNIVERSITY by funding new professorships.

Princebishops of Trier
Karl Caspar von der Leyen (1652-1676)
Johann Hugo von Orsbeck (1676-1711)
Charles Joseph de Lorraine (1711-1715)
Franz Ludwig von Pfalz Neuburg (1715-1729)

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