The Princebishopric of Worms, 1652-1732

The diocesis of Worms was one of the smaller ecclesiastic states in Germany, with territory extending to both banks of the Rhine. The city of Worms did not belong to her territory; she was a free imperial city. In the time of the reformation the princebishopric had briefly been a secundogeniture of the PALATINE; much of the population had been lost to protestantism.
In the 17th and 18th century, the bishopric of Worms often was in personal union with that of Mainz or Trier. The fact that hardly any no coins were minted for the princebishopric in the 17th and none in the 18th century gives evidence of the poor condition of the statelet, caused not only by the alienation of the population of her territory, but also by the wars of the period.

Princebishops of Worms
Hugo Eberhard Kratz von Scharsenstein (1654-1663)
Johann Philipp von Schoenborn (1663-1673, also Mainz)
Lothar Friedrich von Metternich (1673-1675, also Mainz)
Damian Hartrad von der Leyen (1675-1678, also Mainz)
Karl Heinrich von Metternich (1679, also Mainz)
Franz Emerich Caspar Waldbott von Bassenheim (1679-1683)
Johann Karl von Frankenstein (1683-1691)
Ludwig Anton of Pfalz-Neuburg (1691-1694)
Franz Ludwig of Pfalz-Neuburg (1694-1732, also of Trier)

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