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Neuchatel Bern
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The bishopric did exist in the 4th century A.D., at that time with its see at Augst (Augusta Vindelicorum). In the 7th century A.D. documents refer to the Bishop of Basel and Augst. The merger of the Kingdom of Burgundy into the Holy Roman Empire in 1033 made the Diocese of Basel a part of the latter. The Bishops of Basel during the Middle Ages acquired territory, and in the course of the 13th century gained political autonomy as rulers of this territory, the Hochstift Basel (= Princebishopric), wich extended from Basel in southwesterly direction, including territory with a German-speaking population and territory with a French-speaking population. This Hochstift Basel was a secular, political entity, and is not to be confused with the Diocese of Basel. Porrentruy, for instance, the residence of the Princebishops, was located in the Diocese of Besançon, outside of the Diocese of Basel.
In the 15th century, part of its territory came under the administration of Bern, and would remain so until annexed by Bern in 1815; the directly administrated Hochstift remained Catholic. In the territory under Bernese administration, in the 16th century the Protestant Reformation was introduced. As the city of Basel in the 13th century had acquired the status of a free Imperial city, the Bishops of Basel moved their residence in Porrentruy. The Cathedral Chapter, at that time, remained in Basel, but when the city of Basel introduced the Protestant Reformation in 1529, the Cathedral Chapter moved to Arlesheim.
While the Swiss Confederation did not regard itself part of the Holy Roman Empire and got her independence internationally recognized in 1648, the Hochstift Basel (a Swiss ally) remained part of the Holy Roman Empire until 1792 (nominally until 1803) when it was occupied by French troops and the Rauracian Republic was proclaimed. The administration of the Hochstift established residence in Pieterlen (Bernese-administrated territory of the Hochstift Basel) until 1797. The Rauracian Republic, meanwhile, had been annexed by France in 1793.
In 1815 most of the territory of the Hochstift Basel was annexed by Bern, a smaller part by Basel (both Swiss cantons). In the French-speaking parts of the Hochstift Basel, which now were part of Bern the population maintained a separate regional identity; this area in 1979 split off Bern to form the new Canton Jura.

Basel 1651-1737 . Basel 1737-1815

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Institutions Archives Archives del'Ancien Eveche de Bale
Staatsarchiv Bern
Archives Cantonales Jurassiennes
Musea Musee de l'Hotel-Dieu, Porrentruy
Libraries Bibliotheque Cantonale Jurassienne; Kantonsbibliothek Basel Land; Zentralbibliothek Bern
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