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Moravia Austria
First posted on July 7th 2002, last revised on June 8th 2012

Administrative History of Bohemia
Church History of Bohemia
Constitutional History of Bohemia
Demographic History of Bohemia
Economic History of Bohemia
Periods in the History of Bohemia

World War I : Czech Lands 1914-1918, Fin de Siecle : Bohemia 1893-1914, Reichsrat Boycott and Era Taaffe : Bohemia 1867-1893, From Revolution to Austro-Hungarian Compromise : Bohemia 1849-1867, The Year of the Revolution : Bohemia 1848-1849 , Restauration : Bohemia 1815-1848, Era of French Revolution and Napoleon Bonaparte : Bohemia 1790-1815, Absolutism, 1648-1790 : Bohemia, Thirty Years' War : The War in Bohemia , Early Habsburg Rule Bohemia 1526-1618 , Reformation : The Hussite Period, 1410-1526 , Luxemburg Dynasty : Bohemia 1310-1437 , Late Przemyslids : Bohemia 1198-1306 , 11th, 12th Century : Duchy of Bohemia , 9th, 10th Century : Bohemia , 9th, 10th Century :Greater Moravia

For 1918-1991, see History of Czechoslovakia
For the time since 1992, see History of the Czech Republic

Regional Histories : Sudetenland

Historical Encyclopedias : Bohemian History 1815-1914
Historical Atlas : Bohemia, Lands of the Bohemian Crown, Czechoslovakia Pages

Students' Papers : Do, Ha Young, History of the Gymnastics Movement in 19th Century Europe - Germany's Turnbewegung and the Czech Sokol Movement (2008)

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Specific Periods
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Individual Companies
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Historical Data Lists of Statesmen World Statesmen, Czech Republic by Ben Cahoon
Titles of European Rulers : Bohemia / Czechia
Dukes and Kings from Bohemia, by Tacitus Historical Atlas
Lists of Bishops
Statistical Data Population Figures Historical Population Statistics : Czech Rep., from Population Statistics by Jan Lahmeyer
Population : Böhmen 1819-1866, from HGIS
Documents Links
Historical Newspapers Official Gazette
Hemerotheques Wikipedia : List of Online Newspaper Archives : Czech Republic
Periodika, from Digitales Forum Mittel- und Osteuropa, German language historical periodicals from Central and Eastern Europe
Entire Newspapers, Magazines
Online Yearbooks Staatskalender Böhmen : Staatskalender : Digitalisate, from GenWiki
Image Databanks Herder Institut, Bildarchiv, 4467 entries for Böhmen
Archival Deposits State Regional Archives Litomerice, Vital Records Search, Archivni Vade Mecum
State Regional Archives Trebon, Digital Archives
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Treaties General Treaty Collections
Bilateral Treaty Collections
Document Surveys Czech Medieval Sources Online
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Boehmische Artickel 1619, from Univ. Augsburg (Bohemian Diet Articles 1619, in German)
Acta Publica, site posting archived matricula from Austria and the Czech Republic; only Czech and German language versions available
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Bohemia, hindsight
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detail, hindsight
detail, contemporary Prag, from Sohr-Berghaus, Handatlas, 6th edition 1874, 8th edition 1892, posted by M. Witkam
City Panoramas 1490, from Historic Maps, Prague; City Panoramas 1600, from Historic Maps, Prague; City Panoramas 1650, from Historic Maps, Eger, Karlsbad, Königgrätz, Pilsen, Prag, Tabor; City Panoramas 1750, from Historic Cities, Prague
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Encyclopedia Entries
General Articles Bohemia, Aussig, Bodenbach, Budweis, Carlsbad, Chrudim, Dux, Eger, Franzensbad, Gablonz, Jung-Bunzlau, Kladno, Kolin, Komotau, Königgrätz, Kuttenberg, Leitmeritz, Marienbad, Pardubitz, Pilsen, Pisek, Prague, Pribram, Reichenberg, Saaz, Tabor, Tetschen, Trautenau, Warnsdorf, from EB 1911
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Prague, pp.211-213, in vol.2 of S. Ricard, Traite general du commerce, 1781, in French, GB
Political Encyclopedias
Parliamentary Debates
Exhibition Catalogues
Postal Routes etc.
Historic Tour Guides A. Schmidl, Reisehandbuch durch das Königreich Böhmen, Mähren, Schlesien, Galizien, die Bukowina und nach Jassy, 1836, in German, GB
A. Wildmann, Guide to the royal city of Prague and to the kingdom of Bohemia, 1912, IA
Residence Memoirs
Institutions Archives Lists of Archives Archives Listing, from Czechoslovak Genealogical Society International
Historical Research in Europe, listing of archives; click Atlas Search, Czech Republic, 80 entries
Archives in the Czech Republic, from INSAR (comment); from OACES (addresses)
Archive Websites National Archives of the Czecxh Republic
State Regional Archive, Litomerice (Northern Bohemia), Trebon (Southern Bohemia
Österreichisches Staatsarchiv
Musea Lists, Links
Official Symbols Flags, Coats of Arms Flag of Bohemia, from FOTW; Coat of Arms, from International Civic Heraldry, from Hic Leones (Meyer 5th ed.)
Coins, Banknotes Banknotes of the Czech Republic, from World Currency Museum, from Ron Wise's World Paper Money; of Bohemia & Moravia, from Ron Wise's World Paper Money
Medieval and Early Modern Bohemian Coins (Replicas), from Antiqua Nova, commercial site
Numismata : David Ruckser, Coins of Bohemia

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