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First posted on March 16th 2012

Before the Duchy of Pomerania became part of the Empire
By about 1000, the territory of the later Duchy of Pomerania was inhabited by Pomeranians (south of the Peene) and by Ranes (north of the Peene and on Rugia. In the 11th to 13th centuries, the territory was contested by the Dukes of Saxony / the Margraves of Brandenburg, the Kings of Poland, the Kings of Denmark and the Holy Roman Emperors.
The Principality of Rügen (Rugia) came under Danish sovereignty, and ecclesiastically belonged to the Diocese of Roskilde. The Duchy of Pomerelia (in some sources called Pomerania) became a part of the Kingdom of Poland. The Duchy of Pomerania (in some sources called Slavinia) became part of the Holy Roman Empire.

The Duchy of Pomerania
Status, Foreign Relations, Territorial Development . In 1180 Duke Bogislav I. paid homage to Emperor Frederick I. and took his Duchy as a fief of the Empire. From 1181 to 1227 the Duchy came under the influence of Denmark. In the 13th century, the sovereignty of the Empire was restored. In 1295 the first of many partitions of the Duchy took place. In 1325 the Principality of Rügen was acquired. From 1412 to 1439, Duke Bogislav of Pomerania, under the name of Eric, was king of Denmark, Norway and Sweden (Kalmar Union).
Religion . The hitherto pagan Pomeranians accepted Christianity 1124-1128, Rugia 1168. In 1534 the Lutheran Reformation was introduced in the Duchy of Pomerania, in 1545 in the Stift Kammin. Since 1556 the position of Bishop of Kammin was held by one of the Dukes of Pomerania.
Ethnicity . The Pomeranians had been a Slavic people, the ducal family of Slavic origin. In the 13th century, the Dukes had called German settlers - both free farmers and burghers for the many newly-founded cities, into the country. This began the process of Germanization (Lower German). Slavs and Germans lived in separate settlements, under different laws; the Germans by and large enjoyed a greater degree of freedom, as their rights had been written down in privileges. Originally, Latin was the dominant written language; from the 14th century onward it was more and more replaced by Lower German. When the Lutheran Reformation was introduced, primary education was conducted in (High) German. High German replaced both Lower German and Latin as official language. Gradually, Slovincian (Slavic Pomeranian) was marginalized. This process continued under Swedish and Brandenburgian/Prussian administration. Slovincian became extinct in the early 20th century.
Administrative Division . Hither Pomerania : Swedish Pomerania, 18th Century : Principality of Rügen, Land Stralsund, Prioncipality of Barth, County of Gützkow, Land Wolgast; Prussian Pomerania : Kreis Randow, Kreis Anklam, Kreis Demmin, Kreis Usedom; Farther Pomerania : Kreis Greifenhagen, Kreis Pyritz, Kreis Saatzig, Kreis Naugard, Kreis Rügenwalde, Kreis Wollin, Kreis Greifenberg, Kreis Osten, Kreis Belgard, Kreis Neustettin, Kreis Köslin, Kreis Schlawe, Kreis Stolpe, Kreis Rummelsburg; Land Lauenburg and Bütow were an annex to, not part of the Duchy of Pomerania (Büsching 1771).

Pomerania after 1637
In 1637 the last Duke of Pomerania died. Sweden and Brandenburg claimed succession; in 1653 they partitioned the Duchy into Swedish Hither Pomerania (with the Principality of Rügen) and Brandenburgian Farther Pomerania (with the Principality of Kammin (Stift Kammin was secularized in 1648). Brandenburg acquired parts of Swedish Pomerania in 1679 and (as Prussia) in 1720. Sources of the 18th century contunie to treat the Duchy of Pomerania as a unit and the Principality of Rügen and the Principality of Kammin as distinct entities.
In 1815 Prussia annexed the remainder of formerly Swedish Pomerania from Denmark. In 1815/1820 these territories, together with part of the Neumark, were combined to form the Prussian Province of Pommern. In 1871 Prussia (and with it the Province of Pommern) joined Unified Germany. Following Germany's defeat in World War II, most of Pommern was annexed by Poland, the ethnic German part of its population expelled. The remainder (Vorpommern) was merged with Mecklenburg to form Land Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, which in 1949 joined the GDR and since 1990 forms part of the FRG.

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