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Denmark Lübeck
First posted on September 22nd 2010

Holstein emerged as a Duchy in the Holy Roman Empire, Schleswig as a Duchy within the Kingdom of Denmark. In the early 14th century both duchies were united in dynastic union. The Dukes of Schleswig & Holstein long saw themselves as opponents of the Kings of Denmark. In 1460 King Christian I. of Denmark and Duke of both Schleswig and Holstein, granted the two duchies the privilege to be up ewig ungedeelt (for ever undivided).
In 1544, one third of the Duchies of Schleswig and Holstein was granted to Adolf, the third son of King Frederik I. of Denmark. The Dukes of Holstein-Gottorp, the descendants of Adolf, became archenemies of the Kings of Denmark. Incapable to defend their patchwork of territories against Denmark on their own account, they relied on allies (the Kingdom of Sweden; in the 18th century the Russian Empire) to maintain their independence vis-a-vis Denmark. Schleswig was reunited under the King of Denmark in 1773, Holstein, except for Eutin (to Oldenburg), in 1815. In exchange for giving up his territories in Schleswig-Holstein, in 1773 the Duke of Holstein Gottorp received the County of Oldenburg.
The long conflict between the Dukes of Holstein-Gottorp and the Kings of Denmark over Schleswig-Holstein left a mark on the identity of the Schleswigers, who during the rise of nationalism in the 19th century, split in two camps : those who strove for union with Denmark, and those who strove for union with Holstein within the framework of a German nation state.

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