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Austrian Netherlands Trier
First posted on January 3rd 2002, last revised on February 4th 2010

Originally bishops were only in charge of administrating spiritual-ecclesiastic matters within their respective dioceses. During the Early and High Middle Ages, monarchs (who rarely could write) depended on the services of bishops as chancellors. For such and other services the bishops were given land, initially only for the time they provided the service, but soon these fiefs became permanent holdings. The bishops thus became prince-bishops, spiritual leaders of their respective dioceses and secular leaders over their temporal lands. With the collapse of Imperial power in the 13th century, the bishops found themselves in the role of heads of state. It is important to realize that the territory of the diocese and that of the princebishopric were different.

The establishment of the Prince-Bishopric of Liege is dated for 985. The prince-bishops at that time there vassalls of the Roman Kings / Holy Roman Emperors, and as such more reliable than the notoriously scheming dukes, which explains why kings / emperors continued leaning on bishops and granting them lands. In 1220 Emperor Friedrich II. granted the bishops the right to mint coins and to found cities - hitherto an exclusive right of the king. The end of the Staufen Dynasty (1254) leaves the bishops in control in their territories; adherence to the Empire was limited to attendance of the Imperial diet (Reichstag), the formal recognition of the Emperor etc.
In the 13th to 15th centuries, the Prince-Bishops of Liege were part of a power struggle of territorial lords in the Low Countries who wanted to consolidate and extend their territories. In the 15th century the Dukes of Burgundy succeeded in "collecting" the territories of the Netherlands under their rule. While the Prince-Bishopric was not fully absorbed into the Burgundian polity, it became a Burgundian dependency. The Burgundian Dynasty (-1477/1492) was succeeded by the Habsburg Dynasty, in 1556 by the Spanish Line of the Habsburg Dynasty. As Liege since 1443 was sandwiched between Burgundian (later Habsburg) territories, the freedom of the Prince-Bishops to make independent decisions, and the freedom of the Liege Cathedral Chapter to choose a bishop were rather limited.
When Emperor Maximilian reorganized the Holy Roman Empire in 1512, the Princebishopric of Liege was allocated to the Lower Rhenish-Westphalian Circle, and formed an enclave within the territory of the Burgundian Circle. While the Reformation made inroads into the Prince-Bishopric, the Counterreformation prevailed. With the decline of Spanish Habsburg power after the Battle of Rocroi 1643, influence over Liege was now contested by the Spanish / Austrian Habsburg on one side, the French and their Wittelsbach (Bavarian alies) on the other. From 1581 to 1688, from 1694 to 1723 and from 1744 to 1763 members of the Wittelsbach family held the Liege see (and in some cases simultaneously held several other sees). In 1672 the French army speedily and unopposed proceeded through Liege territory en route to the Dutch Republic (Dutch War of Louis XIV. 1672-1679). In the late 18th century Liege was affected by the Enlightenment and experienced its own Liege Revolution before being annexed into France in 1795.
At the Vienna Congress in 1815 the territory of the former Prince-Bishopric of Liege was allocated to the Kingdom of the United Netherlands, and within the latter, partitioned among the newly-formed provinces of Namur, Liege and Limburg. Following the secession of Belgium in 1830/1839, Limburg was partitioned into the Dutch and the Belgian province by that name.

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