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Bohemia Austria-Hungary
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While Moravia was, with interruptions, united in a Dynastic Union with Bohemia since 1054, it retained separate administrative institutions until 1918. The Moravian history files exclusively cover the territory of Moravia; for the history of Dynasty and the complex of the Lands of the Bohemian Crown, click here, for that of the Holy Roman Empire (-1806) click here, for that of Austria-Hungary (-1918) here.

Administrative History of Moravia
Church History of Moravia
Demographic History of Moravia
Economic History of Moravia
Periods in the History of Moravia

Historical Encyclopedias on the History of Moravia

Greater Moravia

For the history of Moravia since 1918 see under :

History of Czechoslovakia (1918-1991)
History of the Czech Republic (since 1991)

Historical Atlas : Lands of the Bohemian Crown, Czechoslovakia, Czech Republic Pages

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