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Niedersachsen Hessen
First posted on January 3rd 2008, last revised on May 30th 2012

The Land Nordrhein-Westfalen (in short NRW) was formed in 1946 by merging the Prussian Province of Westfalen (Westphalia) with parts of the Rheinprovinz (Rhine Province); in 1947 the Land Lippe was annexed.
Prussia (with Westfalen and Rheinprovinz) and Lippe from 1871 to 1945 formed part of unified Germany. From 1945 to 1949 NRW was under British occupation. During the Industrialization, the region along the Ruhr, because of its coal deposits, developed from a largely agricultural region into Germany's largest industrial agglomeration (the Ruhr Area). In 1949, NRW joined the newly established Federal Republic of Germany (FRG). NRW, with about 17 million inhabitants, is Germany's largest "Bundesland".

During the Holy Roman Empire (dissolved 1806), the territory of present-day NRW was divided into a multitude of ecclesiastical and secular states and statelets. The larger entities included the Princearchbishopric of Cologne (with Vest Recklinghausen and the Duchy of Westfalen), the Princebishoprics of Münster, Paderborn, Minden, part of the Princearchbishopric of Trier and of the Princebishopric of Osnabrück, the Abbeys of Kornelimünster, Essen, Werden, Corvey, Elten, the Duchies of Jülich, Berg, Kleve, part of the Duchy of Nassau, of the Duchy of Geldern (Gelre) and of the Duchy of Luxemburg, the Counties of Mark, Ravensberg, Moers, Lippe, Tecklenburg, Wittgenstein, Limburg, part of the County of Lingen, the free imperial cities of Cologne, Aachen and Dortmund, and a number of smaller territories.

Historical Atlas Nordrhein-Westfalen, Prussia : Rheinprovinz
Demographic History : NRW

Students' Paper : Roh, Yong Ho, The Rise of the Ruhr Area, Germany's Industrial Heartland, in the 19th Century (2007)

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