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Venice Tyrol
First posted on May 13th 2011

For the history of Tirol 1803-1805, 1815-1918 click here; for the history of Italy since 1918 see here

Country Profiles Current Article : Bishopric of Trent, from Wikipedia
Article : Principale Vescovilo di Trento, from Wikipedia Italian edition
Article : Erzbistum Trient : Hochstift Trient, from Wikipedia German edition
Links General Kategorie : Trentino, from Wikipedia German edition
on History Categoria : Storia del Trentino, Storia del Trentino-Alto Adige, from Wikipedia Italian edition
Organizations Societies
Historical Dictionary
Timelines Cronologia, from Percorsi Castello di Buonconsigklio, in Italian
Accounts of History General, Modern Article : Bishopric of Trent, from Wikipedia
Article : Principale Vescovilo di Trento, from Wikipedia Italian edition
Article : Erzbistum Trient : Hochstift Trient, from Wikipedia German edition
Eventi, from Percorsi Castello di Buonconsigklio, in Italian
Storia Trentina, from Campane di Pinzolo, in Italian
La Storia del Trentino, from Trentino Cultura, in Italian
Breve Storia del Trentino, from Giro Vagando in Trentino, in Italian
Zur Geschichte des Trentino, from Trentino Italia, in German
General, Historical F.V. Barbacovi, Memorie storiche della cittla e del territorio di Trento vol.1, 1821, in Italian, GB
Specific Periods F.F. degli Alberti, Annali del principato ecclesiastico di Trento dal 1022 al 1540, 1860, in Italian, GB
Military Lista dei reggimenti italiani (1792-1799), from Wikipedia Italian edition; scroll down for Imperio Asburgico : Bersaglieri scelti Trentini
Economy & Finances G.D. Pinamonti, Trento, sue vicinanze, industria, commercio e costumi de'Trentini , 1836, in Italian, GB
Social History
History of Regions see History of Tirol
Der deutsche Antheil des Bisthums Trient, vol.1, 1866, in German, GB
Local History Category Cities and Towns in Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol, from Wikipedia
Article Trento : History, from Wikipedia
Article Riva del Garda : Storia, from Wikipedia Italian edition
Biographies Tirolensia Latina, list of German language biographies of Tyrolean authors who wrote in Latin
Others Trento, from Genealogia della Famiglia Bertotti, in Italian
J.A. Tomaschek, Über die ältere Rechtsentwicklung der Stadt und des Bisthums Trient, 1860, in German, GB
G. Cresseri, T. Gar, Ricerche storiche riguardanti l'autoritą e giurisdisione del magistrato consolare di Trento, 1858, in Italian

Historical Data Lists of Statesmen Prince-bishops of Trent, from World Statesmen by Ben Cahoon
Bistum Trient, from Geschichte Tirol, list of bishops
Documents Historical Newspapers ANNO, Austrian Newspapers Online
Online Yearbooks Staatskalender J.J. Moser, Reichs-Staats-Handbuch trident. 1769-1775 vol.2 pp.404-409, in German, GB
Europäisches genealogisches Handbuch : Vom Bischofe zu Trident. 1752 pp.172-173, 1756 pp.190-191, 1763 pp.203-204, 1766 pp.219-220, 1768 pp.223-224, 1770 pp.232-233, 1772 pp.229-230, 1774 pp.230-231, 1776 pp.230-231, 1780 pp.239-240, 1782 pp.241-242, 1784 pp.244-246, 1786 pp.250-251, 1788 pp.242-243, 1790 pp.247-248, 1792 pp.243-244, 1794 pp.250-251, 1800 pp.278-279, in German, GB
J.Ch. Poncelin de la Roche Tilhac, Etat des Cours de l'Europe et des Provinces de France pour l'annee ... : Eveche de Trente vol.1 MDCCCLXXXIV 1783 p.367, vol.2 MDCCCLXXXV, 1785, p.350, in French, GB
Genealogisches Reichs- und Staats-Handbuch : Trient 1799 pt.2 pp.125-126, 1800 pt.2, pp.99-100, 1802 pt.2, p.100, in German, GB
Image Databanks Categories : Historical Images of Trento, Historical Images of Trentino, from Wikimedia Commons
Search Ansichtskarten Lehenbauer for Trient; Heimatsammlung : Ansichtskarten Trentino - Alto Adige; commercial sites
Archival Deposits
Laws Raccolta delle leggi provinciali del Tirolo e Vorarlberg, 1815, in Italian, GB
J.A. Tomaschek, Die ältesten Statuten der Stadt und des Bisthums Trient in deutscher Sprache, 1861, in German, GB
Codice Giudiziario nelle cause civili pel Principato di Trento, 1788, in Italian, GB
Statuti della cittą di Trento colla designazione dei beni del comune nella prima metą del secolo XIV e con una introduzione, 1858, in Italian
Document Collections Codex Wangianus: Urkundenbuch des Hochstiftes Trient, 1852, in German, GB
Vom Hochstift Trident, pp.1717-1742 in vol.1 of J. L&uumklnig, Corpus Iuris Feudalis Germanici, 1727, in German, GB
Historical Maps general collections on Tirol : Land Tirol, Landesarchiv, Historische Karten
responsible institutions
entire country, modern Northern Italy 1796 (W. Shepherd 1926), posted by Wikipedia
entire country, contemporary Environs of Arco and Riva, 1908, from Discus Media
detail, modern
detail, contemporary Trient 1906, from Discus Media
Encyclopedia Entries
General Article Trient, Riva, from Meyers Konversationslexikon 1885-1892 edition, in German
Article Trent, Austria, Riva, from EB 1911
Religious Article Trent, from Catholic Encyclopedia 1907-1914
Article Trent, Riva di Trento, from Jewish Encyclopedia 1901-1906
Political Bischoff von Trident., p.929 in Die Durchläuchtige Häuser in Europa, 1710, in German, GB
L'Evesque de Trente, pp.250-252 in vol.1 of F.L. Bressler, Les Souverains du monde, 1718, in French, GB
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Trient, pp.386-387 in F.L.A. Hoerschelmann, Neues Reichs-, Staats-, Hand- und Address-Buch, 1791, in German, GB
Geographical Das weltliche Gebieth des Bischofs zu Trient, pp.523-526 in A.F. Büsching, Neue Erd-Beschreibung, 1769, in German, GB
Trent, pp.60-61 in vol.2 of Th. Salmon, Modern history or the present state of all nations, 1745, GB
Historical Bistthumb Trident., pp.1142-1144 in vol.2 part 1 of A. Desing, Auxilia Historica oder Behülff zu den Historischen und dazu erforderlichen Wissenschafften, 1741, GB
Trident. pp.47-50 in vol.37 of C.E. Vehse, Geschichte der deutschen Höfe seit der Reformation, 1860, in German, GB
Institutions Archives Archivio di Stato di Trento
Musea Museo Storico in Trento
Libraries Biblioteca Comunale di Trento
Official Symbols Flags, Coats of Arms Flag, Coat of Arms, by Roberto Breschi
Flag, from FOTW
Coat of Arms, from FOTW, scroll down

Bibliography on Trent official
on Trent publications of institutions
wider chapter T. Trient, from Bibliographie ziur Geschichte und Kultur des Weines (Bibliography on History and Cultivation of Wine)
bookseller Italian language Italian language books on Trento, Trentino, from Unilibro (bookseller)
Thesis Server Italian language Tesi Online, Trento, Trentino
Online Libraries general Google Books; Internet Archives; Gutenberg Library Online; HathiTrust; e-corpus
Online Journals full text online
General Accounts Josef Riedmann, Geschichte Tirols, München : Oldenbourg 2001, in German [G]
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