County of Pfalz-Zweibrücken, 1740-1815

In 1757 Duke Christian IV. established the Regiment Royal Deux-Ponts, which participated in 1781, on the side of the Americans, in the SIEGE OF YORKTOWN, where it stormed redoute 9.
In 1792/1793 and again in 1794, Zweibrücken was occupied by French revolutionary troops. In 1797 it became part of the CISRHENIAN REPUBLIC, which was annexed by France later that year.

Dukes of Zweibrücken
Christian IV. (1735-1775)
Karl II. August (1775-1791)

Stadt Zweibrücken, Zeittafel, from Stadt Zweibrücken, in German
Zweibrücker Geschichte, from Stadt Zweibrücken, in German, narrative
REFERENCE Coins of Pfalz-Birkenfeld-Zweibrücken, 1701-1800, in : Krause, Mishler, Standard Catalog of World Coins : Eighteenth Century 1701-1800, 2nd ed., 1997, p.445-447

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