Bangladesh 1971-1990 History of India

Bangla Desh since 1990

Politics and Administration . Democracy was reintroduced in 1990. The elections of 1991 were won by the BJD (Bangladesh National Party), those of 1996 by the Awami League; the elections of 2001 saw a BJD-led coalition victorious. Since 2006 a non-party affiliated caretaker cabinet is in power. Since 1991, two women, Khaleda Zia (BJD) and Sheikh Hasina (BAL) have vied for power. Elections scheduled for February 2007 were postponed due to violence.

Relations between Religious and Ethnic Communities . 88 % of the population is Muslim, 9 % Hindu; Bangladesh has the world's third largest Hindu population. Hindu fundamentalism in neighbouring India (demolition of Babri Mosque in Ayodhya 1992) caused demonstrations in Bangladesh, and the government to implement measures interpreted as discriminating against the country's Hindu minority (Samad); conservative Muslim Bengalis regard the country's ethnic minorities (Sylheti, Arakanese etc.) as non-indigenous immigrants (Samad; Bangladesh's Urdu speakers are immigrants/descendants of immigrants from Bihar which arrived in 1947-1948).

The Economy . Bangladesh joined the WTO in 1995.
In 1990, Bangladesh produced 26.7 million metric tons of rice, in 1999 34.4 million (IHS p.196).

Social History . Bangladesh ranks among the poorest countries in Asia, the census of 2001 establishing the country's population at 123 million, the figure for 1991 was estimated at 107 million.
Eastern Bangladesh (Cox' Bazaar) saw the arrival of Rohingya refugees from Myanmar's Rakhine State (Arakan; c.250,000 in 1978, c.250,000 in 1991). Many Bangladeshi are extremely poor. A cold spell in 2002 - temperatures fell as low as +15 degrees Celsius - killed 13. Bangladeshis were not accustomed to such conditions, many not owning the clothes to protect themselves sufficiently.

Environmental Issues . Most of Bangladesh is threatened by inundation; almost every year a part of the country is flooded. The predicted rise of the sea level in consequence of global warming is seen as a threat to the country.

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