1772-1910 History of Bhutan Since 1968

Bhutan 1910-1968

In 1910, Britain and Bhutan signed a treaty according to which Britain took over foreign representation of Bhutan, but agreed not to interfere in Bhutanese affairs. A protectorate treaty of the looser kind; British military protection was not necessary, as the Himalaya mountains provided that; it was not a case of indirect rule either.
In 1949 India signed a treaty with Bhutan; India in effect took over the position Britain had held before.
In 1952 JIGME DORJI WANGCHUK was crowned king. He introduced a number of reforms, among them the creation of a NATIONAL ASSEMBLY (the TSHONGDU, in 1953), the abolition of slavery (1958) and a land reform. The TIBETAN REBELLION of 1959 and the SINO-INDIAN BORDER WAR of 1960-1962 had an impact on the remote mountain kingdom, as Tibetan refugees requested asylum in 1959, which was granted. India then presented a road into Bhutan, from Puntsholing to capital Thimphu, the first in the country; paid for by India, the road was to facilitate the transport of Indian troops in case of a Chinese attack. The road overcame the century-old isolation of the Himalaya kingdom.
In 1965 an attempt to assassinate the king failed; the prime minister fell victim to an assassin in 1964.

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