History of India since 1968

Madras State 1947-1968

Establishment of the State : In 1947 the Dominion of India became independent (since 1950 Republic of India). The Madras Province of British India joined the Dominion; in 1950 it became Madras State. In 1953, Andhra State was separated from Madras State; in 1956 the South Kanara District was ceded to Mysore, the Malabar Coastal Districts to Kerala. Until 1962, the leading politician of the state was a chief commissioner; from 1963 it was a chief minister. In 1969 Madras State was renamed Tamil Nadu.

Administration : From 1947 to 1967 Assam was governed by INC-lead administrations, from 1967 to 1976 by DMK-lead administrations.

Annals : 1947 : Madras Province joined Dominion of India
1949 : Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) founded
1950 : Dominion of India became Republic of India; Madras Province became Madras State
1951 : food shortage in Madras State due to failure of monsoons in previous year (BBoY 1952)
1952 : food rationing and price control abolished in Madras State (BBoY 1953)
1952 : state election
1953 : separation of Andhra State from Madras State
1953 : Madras Manade campaign to attach Madras to Andhra State failed; Madras continued to be capital of Madras State
1954 : France ceded French India; Pondicherry and Karikal were not integrated into Madras State, but treated as union territory
1956 : South Kanada District ceded to Mysore
1956 : Malabar Coast Districts ceded to Kerala
1957 : state election
1957 : caste dissensions caused riot at Ramanathapuram, Madras State (BBoY 1958)
1960 : borders of Andhra Pradesh, Madras State readjusted
1960 : Kundah hydroelectric project inaugurated (BBoY 1961)
1962 : state election; INC proceeded to form a government
1965-1967 : following the elevation of Hindi to status of national language, anti-Hindu agitation
1967 : state election; INC proceeded to form a government
1968 : India and Ceylon agreed on the repatriation of c.800,000 Ceylon Tamils who were treated by the Ceylon government as 'recent arrivals' and thus foreign nationals
1969 : Madras State renamed Tamil Nadu

Social History : In 1951 the population of Madras State was 30.1 million (i.e. of what was to become Tamil Nadu), in 1961 33.6 million, in 1971 41.1 million.

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