History of Nepal 1846-1910

Nepal 1768-1846

In 1768, the GURKHAS, the inhabitants of a Rajput principality located in western Nepal, conquered the Newar Kingdom in the Kathmandu Valley; Gurkha King PRITHUR NARAYAN SHAH founded the SHAH DYNASTY. The Gurkhas went on to expand their kingdom by conquest; the capital of the Kingdom was KATHMANDU.
In 1792 a Gurkha invasion of Tibet ended with a defeat at the hands of a Chinese army; Nepal from then on had to pay an annual tribute to the Chinese court (until 1910). In the same year, Nepal signed the first treaty with the EAST INDIA COMPANY. In the war of 1814 to 1816, Nepal was defeated by the EIC; in the sibsequent treaty the present borders of Nepal were determined. The East India Company, and in her succession Britain and India, from 1816 on recruited Nepalese soldiers, the so-called Gurkhas. Prime minister BHIMSEN THAPA (1804-1837) introduced a STANDING ARMY.

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